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  • 8000 Sq Ft. Facility (Manufacturing, Stockroom, Office)

  • DEK Horizon 265 Stencil Printer with Vision Alignment and Underwipe 

  • Yamaha M20 Placement Machine with Gridlock Support

  • Heller Convection Reflow Oven

  • Aqueous Batch Wash

  • Dage XD6500 X-Ray with angled viewing and advanced measurement

  • RF Screen Cage for CCA Test

  • 100X magnification Visual Inspection

  •  Marantz AOI 22XDL Model

  • BGA and Hot Air Rework Stations

  • Electrovert Astrapak Solder Wave

  • ANT 1 lead and lead free selective solder machine

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...because engineers are expensive when they are waiting on prototypes.

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