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Car Outline
We are fully versed in the procurement of AEC qualified parts and achieving high reliability in the manufacturing of your product.
Our current customers provide assemblies used by automakers in the drivetrain, under the hood and other vehicle segments.
Image by Marvin Meyer
We provide assembly services to some of the top names in the food service and preparation industries, providing them with higher volume builds of hundreds of boards.
These cost sensitive customers find our pricing is cost-competitive with their internal shops.
Quality is everything for flight hardware and ground support equipment. Our experienced team handles all of the procurement, traceability, and verification needs quickly and accurately because we've been doing it for 20 years.
 The hardware we build for current customers is used on aircraft, missiles, rockets, and commercial space flight, as well as ground stations across most branches of the DoD.

...because engineers are expensive when they are waiting on prototypes.

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